Frontloading Your Lessons with Interactive Websites

How might the following interactive resources be useful to (a) activate, (b) assess, and/or (c) build students' prerequisite knowledge for your lesson/unit BEFORE you teach?


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Online repositories for multimedia websites to supplement lessons
  • Organizing Digital Content [SOURCE: //Education Week//] - Here’s a sample of some of the repositories of digital educational content available on the Web.
    The Orange Grove Florida’s digital-learning repository was the first such state-run resource of its kind, and offers content from the preschool to graduate levels.
    North Carolina Learning Object Repository The LOR, as frequent users call it, is the Tar Heel State’s digital-content repository. It is a collaboration by the state education department, state virtual school, community colleges, and state and private universities.
    USG Share Georgia’s repository is run through the University System of Georgia, and shares its content in a consortium with repositories from Florida, Kentucky, and North Carolina.
    Kentucky Learning Depot While The Kentucky Learning Depot is a bit younger than some of its other consortium-mates, it is following its state’s early adoption of the common-core standards to become the first repository to align itself to them.
    Thinkfinity Thinkfinity, which is operated by the Verizon Foundation, the nonprofit community-outreach arm of Verizon Communications, offers free digital lesson plans and other content to teachers, as well as students and parents.
    Discovery Education Discovery offers free resources as well as a more complete for-pay service that links educators and students to digital content created by Discovery, the largest nonfiction media group in the world, as well as its partners.
    Sophia Sophia launched this spring and is an attempt to create a national repository based solely upon contributions of its users. Content is contributed in “packets,” and users are given ratings based on their interactions on the platform.PBS Teachers:
  • 100 Best Video Sites for Educators: tutorials, multimedia resources, and much more!

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Other Foreign Language Resources

Connecting Content Subjects with Real Life

  • Interactivate Math Annenberg Link

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